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International SEO

Service providers offering services globally want their website to work efficiently in all targeted market locations. That is where International SEO plays an important role to mark their digital presence felt. International SEO is believed to be something as quite complex and this is where most of the businesses fall short because contrary to popular beliefs all it requires is skills, experience and expertise rest everything is simple.

International SEO can be beneficial to even the small businesses and start-ups as it opens new markets and increases the scope of earning through ROI. Hence, it becomes essential that organizations opt for the best practices involved in international SEO services.

What is International SEO?

International SEO is not completely about launching websites with translated or altered content. International SEO services in Delhi is mainly about creating contents while keeping geo targeting in mind. The process includes a series of steps that involve organizing and optimizing the content of the website in accordance to the region which enables search engines to identify the country and language of each user the client’s business is targeting within a particular location.

International SEO best practices followed by Us: The URL structure for global websites

The most important concept is that the website is required to have an accurate domain and match the international SEO standards. At the same time, there are a few things that need to be considered while choosing the perfect domain name that would contribute to international SEO. Domains with country-code top-level domain (CCTLD) are applied for specific locations.

Eg – &

Top-level domains (TLD) are used to carry out the geo-targeting of specific countries. The subdomains and subfolders of ccTLD domains help in carry out geo-targeting different countries across different continents as well.

Eg of sub-domain – Here it is using a generic TLD with India’s country-specific subdomain.

Eg of sub-directories – &

It is helpful when you If you are targeting various territories with different languages or places where more than one language is spoken or understood then we add a structure including both the country code and language subdirectories. In the case given above the code “in” is for India and “hi” is for Hindi.

The X Default Tag

The default tag is can be understood as a default version of the site that you choose to serve people when the language or location tag associated with the website doesn’t match the available ones or no page is could be considered appropriate to match the information included in the cookies. For example, you have website that is run on a UK and US version and then someone from Nepal searches for related terms, as a prominent internet marketing service provide we help you to offer X Default to a preferred version of the website.

Meta Content Language Tags

This tag basically indicates the language that the HTML/ PHP content is written with and it may also include the country also. The prime function of this information is to signal the search engines who the target the audience for the page are.

International Keyword Analysis

Remember that we, at Infutive Technologies, the best SEO company in Delhi, India do not just use literal translations as they may not be accurate or relevant. We believe in providing the best services and irrespective of whether it is merely content writing for multinational websites or carrying out International SEO best practices. We analyze other competitors’ keywords used in each specific targeted country using tools that use advanced technology and then carry out operations based on the most appropriate and selected strategy. The process also includes understanding your business and the selection of the most appropriate keywords to define your business and then we rank the keywords with the scope of getting better results on searches in various search engines.


To measure the success of implementation of SEO, we use advanced methods and procedures to identify potential technical and indexing issues. Once we understand the trends we analysis and make a strategy along with considering non-digital trends also. Thus a combined strategy is created and then we implement more advanced digital marketing strategies if required.

International Link Building

Link building is an important of any digital marketing strategy and it cannot be ignored at any cost, particularly for websites with CCTLDs & sub-domains as it is essential that you get links for the following purposes:

1. Local quotations

2. To look for websites relevant to your market niche and where the competitors would be listed. We analyze the kind of content people are writing to enhance the outreach which helps your business find potential placements. This also helps you in understanding the cultural factors associated with the target market.

3. Build the content of your website based on target user’s language and culture in specific region. We create attractive, grammatically correct and seo optimized content for the audience of your website that briefs about the products and services provided by you along with long-tail search queries, topics related to industry that may be of some interest to them etc. which will direct the user to your website.

The most common SEO changes are:
  • Insertion of Meta Tag for product catalogues
  • Application of Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking code
  • Addition of good navigation system
  • Optimizing URLs for search engines
  • SEO based Product Feed on Ecommerce website.
All these processes are included in our premium SEO services within reasonable charges.

It is known very well that when an E-commerce portal is created, it must get traffic that the owners may want to target so that the continuous demand is fulfilled and the supply is not hampered and the supplies could be made to the targeted areas. We, as the best Ecommerce SEO Company in India, can help you ensure that you get the best services. Our SEO experts understand the requirements of various kinds of businesses and never let the expectations of our clients down.

Our dedicated approach towards our E-commerce SEO services is extraordinary yet easy to understand. This is the reason why we understand E-commerce SEO well and implement the findings in our work. Our team of E-commerce SEO experts provide SEO services with 100% assurance to give you maximum returns on your investment.

The Working Process

It is very important to analyse and understand the business that we are working on in order to make the E-commerce website, the type of audience and the demand that makes them purchase commodities from the websites.

Business Analysis: Our team of E-commerce SEO experts study the various categories with utmost attention, irrespective of the products and services. They further consider the competitors to develop an ecommerce SEO strategy to help the client grow his or her business.

Analysis of Competition: Our E-commerce SEO experts deeply analyze the rankings of various keywords to know what the trend is and keep the focus on the activities of the competitors and only after that a detailed report to outsell the competitors is created. On-page optimization: At Infutive Technologies, we analyze the pros and cons of the website before conducting page optimization and if we find any scope of weakness then we rectify the problem accordingly and proceed to next steps. Our prime aim is to focus on optimizing the Meta tags, basic descriptive contents, architecture, web content, canonical pages, loading time and much more.

Content Creation: We also help our clients in creating plagiarism free and relevant content for the products and services offered by them. Back links from various social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. and create content marketing which plays an important role in developing keyword rankings.

Reporting: We believe in transparency so as to maintain that monthly progress reports are sent to the client in order keep them updated about the progress of the strategies used and the campaign. Doing so also helps us and the client to revise the strategy if required and this practice ensures long term results. Why are we the Best Ecommerce SEO Agency?

  • Experience of working over various Ecommerce sites across different categories
  • Successfully delivered top rankings on desired keywords and / or products
  • Results showing instant increase in traffic and rapid lead generation
  • Adept in Google Partner with Ecommerce Specialization
Our E-commerce SEO India Services Include

Ecommerce website designing and development: We support our clients by creating websites that are extremely SEO friendly and interactive in terms of user interface which ensures a better ranking over your competitors.

Ecommerce SEO audit and roadmap: Ecommerce websites are in general complicated systems that are driven by complicated databases. We help our clients in identifying and prioritizing the most important opportunities.
Ecommerce content optimization: We are experienced in working on complicated Ecommerce platforms. Our team of experts have helped the client organizations to develop optimization strategies for various categories, pages of brands and products.

Content development: We, at Infutive Technologies create exclusive and high quality content based on your target audience and help in establishing brand loyalty of your store(s) that ultimately leads to greater sales and growth of business.
Offsite promotions: We create authentic, relevant, high authority back links for your website that supports the overall marketing initiatives of your team.

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