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Paid Marketing

When compared to organic marketing, the paid marketing campaigns are now offering faster results along with the granular targeting capabilities.

The organic reach on social media usually turns out to be down. On the other hand, paid marketing can deliver the fastest results. So, if you want to the organic content on the social media to find the right branding strategies while creation of the brand awareness, then it’s worth getting the guaranteed reach along with the paid marketing campaigns.

At, Infusive Technologies Pvt Ltd, we work as the experts and the Digital marketers in the field like Google AdWords, SMM ads, as well as the Bing ads. All of these are available in the form of smart and pristine solutions. We always stick to the latest trend in terms of the paid marketing campaigns.

Our dedicated professionals of the good understanding of the pay per click, AdWords, search ads, display ads, YouTube and social media ads, Facebook ads, smart campaigns as well as the E-Commerce.

Overall, we can guarantee to provide the leading solution in terms of web solutions, Android development and everything else that makes us stand out.

We are equipped with an efficient team of SEO professionals and content writers who work behind the scenes to ensure that you get the desired audience. We value our customers’ money that’s why we work with strategies that help them get maximum traffic within their budget. Our way of working involves selecting the best keywords based on search results and use content that is SEO optimization and further help you with maximizing the positive search results.

What all options do you have?
Google AdWords
Google AdWords

Google’s advertising system, the Google AdWords feature is a prominent tool that can provide you better viewership. Advertisers have the opportunity to bid on chosen keywords to ensure that their clickable ads or promos appear above in the search results of Google. With it, you can have maximum advantage of online advertising for your business – by showing your ads to the world, to the targeted customers, at the right places and at the best time.

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Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads

It doesn’t need to be mentioned that Facebook is the most popularly used social networks in the world with over 1.8 billion monthly user base. Evidently, targeted adverts on Facebook are a great way to place your ads and reach a large number of people. At Infutive Technologies, our prime aim is to create a significant and engaging experience for customers or clients through Facebook adverts.

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LinkedIn Advertising
LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is highly a professional network where one can post self-service ads on various prominent pages. Users may click on the ads and visit your website. There are options to select audience by industry, job title, job function, age, gender, geography, company name, LinkedIn group, or even company size.
Along with creating the right content we also help you curtail your advertising costs by preparing the budget and paying only for the clicks on the ads. Further, we use social ds, poll ads, Join Group ads etc. After all, inbound marketing is all about taking the right step at the right time and establishing a permanent bond with customers.

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Pay Per Click (PPC)
Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is an effective technique that can help you in an easy and effective way get your ads published on the ‘sponsored links’ section of the result pages on search engines. It naturally brings in traffic to your website. There is no doubt in the fact that PPC Advertising is a complex process. It depends on a wide range of factors, thereby making it highly essential that you opt for the most suitable PPC Services Management Company. At Infutive Technologies, we provide Pay per Click Services that drive in maximum traffic towards your website. We can proudly state that we provide the best PPC Services in Dwarka, New Delhi that is matched with our digital marketing services...

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  • Initial Consultation to Set and Plan Goals
  • Know Your Customer
  • Target Audience
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Know Your Competitor's Strategy
  • Keywords
  • Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Offers
  • Dedicated PPC Landing page
  • Product/Service Description
  • Pricing
  • Delivery Information
  • Account Setup
  • Selecting proper PPC channel
  • Account Management
  • Proper Tracking
  • Review The Performance
  • Make Adjustments

Today, PPC is considered to be a convenient option to increase brand awareness & building brand credibility. If you are looking to get the best return from your PPC management campaign, then choose Infutive Technologies. We have a team of Certified PPC Managers, who can optimize your campaigns using the best practices that can help ensure a successful ROI.

Now don’t let the competitors take away all your customers because you did not incorporate the paid marketing in your campaign. By offering the right advertising as well as paid search marketing services for the business, we take pride in planning your budget for investing in the channel that will result into the delivery of the maximum ROI for the business. We can also promote the product as well as the fast service for helping you reach the maximum target audience.

The paid marketing services that we provide are inclusive of the pay per click, certified Google AdWords experts, paid social marketing, display advertising, remarketing, as well as mobile marketing. We can ensure that our effective types of the online display advertising tools like the images, logos, text as well as the videos are perfect for the promotion of your business or the brand while reaching the maximum customers.

With the highest potential of the conversion, we will always assist in providing you with the dynamic formula and strategies that keep on monitoring even the detail working in terms of giving you the successful results. With our solutions, customers can find the product or the service through engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google.

We always utilise the high-quality Google AdWords Consulting Services in terms of giving tactics like ad scheduling and targeting. Our certified professionals have good control over the budget for the AdWords.

Besides, we always plan out the ROI generation system that makes us the standard professionals in the field. We can offer you the paid Search marketing services that are perfect for building the awareness of the brand. If you were looking for high-quality mobile advertising, then it is time to hire us. We will be always fostering the AdWords and mobile PPC that will be helping in the attainment of the goal of reaching out to most people.

With the help of the keywords, we will ensure that you will get the customers who will be interested in your product or services.

The affiliate marketing strategies that we implement are also optimised for resultant customers as well as more sales. We always keep on tracking the traffic with the help of the affiliate advertising methods as well as the analysis of the data.

For making the solution easier and smart, we always utilise the high-end tools like the Google search console as well as a Google Analytics.

Why choose us?

We have certain attributes that make us so different from our competitors.

First of all, we are professionals who are driven by excellence. We are always connected for providing only the best class solutions that will be resulting in the good results. In every service, we go from the product development procedure from the planning to the delivery. We start unlocking the maximum value.

We are the focussed as well as a passionate team of professionals who are skilled and experienced while taking a keen interest in the advancements in technology. Our designers, product managers and engineers are driven by the mission for spreading digital happiness among our clients and letting them thrive in the online market today.

We follow strong relationships as well as culture. We have always focused on honesty consistency as well as transparency in our services that highlight our underlying values in the relationship that we hold with our clients. In this regard, we always find out the relentless efforts that will be helping us to stay ahead of our competitors.

We always take pride in terms of standing as the teams who are driven by innovation as well as creativity. We always utilise the top of the latest technology trends and consistency to formulate the out of the box ideas. These aspects make us the leading professionals in the field of work. In every step, we take encouragement in terms of innovation as well as creativity.

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