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Google AdWord

There are many ways to encash the traffic on a website(s), and the most effective among them related to third-party advertising products or services to your website visitors. There are certainly many advertising programs available around that may help you spread the word about your business but the most popular program that has in fact, helped so many businesses is Google AdWord.

This advertising program was started in mid of 2003 by Google Inc. and it is currently active as the most popular and user friendly advertising program on the Internet. It has been providing a good opportunity for webmasters and owners of websites to earn some revenue from traffic on their website – Google has been a pioneer who has been paying over $10 billion to its publishers every year. If you are wondering, ‘How is AdWord is different from AdSense, and how would you be able to make money with these two platforms?’ then Infutive Technologies is the right place to have all your doubts cleared about Google Ads and know strategies that help in increasing the revenue through it.

The Advantages of Using Google AdWord

It has a huge base of publishers and advertisers hence the prospect of growing the business is high. As per the records over 10 million websites are known to be using it. The level of security is utmost high, and features of safety and transparency for both advertisers and publishers make it the ideal ad program. Google that has been acting as an intermediary between the advertiser and publisher and the best part is that the entire process being completely transparent and clear that could be understood by everyone. All the necessary metrics can easily trackable from a Google Analytics account.

Variety of ad formats are available. In AdWord, advertisers have the liberty to run all kind of text, images, HTML ads, video ads and other formats also, along with that ads can also be posted in many different sizes. As a publisher, one can in fact, experiment with different types of ads and figure out the ones that drive the most revenue and carry out campaign accordingly.

So, how does AdWord work ?

The whole process is undoubtedly very simple. It is as simple as that you create an AdWord account, add a nominal amount of code into your website pages – that’s it and AdWord gets started. Google will start displaying targeted ads on your website that are relevant to your website or to users’ previous searches based on the content appearing on the website or based on its proprietary algorithms that have been used in the website.

The visitors on your website will click those ads and you will be paid for it. What else could be easier than this process? Google AdWord works on the principle of a cost-per-click and effective revenue-sharing. This means that the main task of the publisher is to provide as many clicks to the ads as possible.

What do we do ?

We design advertisement for companies and help them get the best platform to take their products or their services to the masses using the Google AdWord feature. This helps in a large exposition of your brand name and people click your advertisement linking to your website. It is also important to note that we design your ad campaign in way that it speaks graphically and strongly appealing people to choose your product or service over other competitive websites. Our aim is to give you a boost even on the Google AdWord platform to get a kick start and use it to help you expand your business while marking your digital presence in the most effective manner.

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